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      Book Girls’ Guide

        Do you think this book was a good fit for the Read Around the USA Challenge?

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        Laura DiBacco

          Happy to try out the new forum.  Sadly, this is the first time I didn’t finish a book in the challenge.  It was of course a good choice since it took place in NJ, but I just couldn’t get into it.  It could be that in the summer, I prefer light “beach reads” and got distracted by the latest Elin Hilderbrand!  I’ll follow the discussion and see how others liked it.

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            Book Girls’ Guide

              That’s understandable, especially with the release of Five-Star Weekend!

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            Heather Wescott

              I really enjoyed this book – I loved both Molokai and Daughter of Molokai, so I was already familiar with his writing style. I grew up in SE Pennsylvania (near Philadelphia) and spent many summer days at the Jersey shore, so reading this book brought back some memories (even though the story took place before I was born). I love a good generational family saga.

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                I think it should stay on the list. I loved how they tied historical events into the timeline!

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                Kathy McLaughlin Jarnagin

                  I think this book absolutely fit the challenge- it was full of references to NJ. I actually really enjoyed learning about the park, having loved the song Palisades Park when I was younger. Really felt like there was a lot of information that helped create a picture of the area.

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                  Kathleen Witt

                    I absolutely think it should stay.  I was like Laura, however,  and had a hard time finishing it. I really liked it,  but I could only do about one chapter at a time before I switched to something a bit “lighter.”

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                      Really enjoyed. Did take me a long time to read, maybe just because it is summer time and I’m enjoying hanging out with the man more. Yes, should stay on the list. I was constantly looking things up and learning things were based on true events. Very interesting to me.


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                        Yes, it should stay on the list. Interesting to learn about an area I knew nothing about.

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